05 February 2011

student blog lists and commenting

Please read this entire post carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

This post contains links to the lists of student blogs for Spring 2011. On these lists you can see each student in each section of Life Drawing I for this semester with a link to his or her blog as well as the title of his or her blog.

You can also access this information throughout the semester on the Pages Tab titled "student blog url's/titles" at the top of the blog. (here). 

I have color-coded the lists. The colors represent the different blog "small groups" for the semester. These small groups relate to the commenting part of your blog work.

You are expected to comment at least once per week on the other two members of your small group (in other words, you need to make at least one comment on each of the other two students' blogs that are the same color as yours in the list). These comments are in addition to your regular weekly posting of  your 300+ word and one-image reflection. You may comment on any previous post done by your other group members.

In order to leave a comment on a blog post, what you typically need to do is click on the phrase "0 [or however many there may be] comments" at the bottom of a post. That link leads to a page where you can type your comment. Some bloggers may choose to moderate comments before posting them or making them public, so be aware that your comments may not show up immediately.

For those of you with four members in your group, you only need to comment on two members' comments per week, just alternate members you make comments on so you are commenting as equally as you can on each other member's blog.

You need to start leaving these comments beginning next weekend, at the latest Sunday, Feb. 13.

Link to ART 301-001(MWF 10:10 - 12:10) List of Student Blogs (Names, URL's, Titles of Blog)

Link to ART 301-002 (TR 2:30 - 5:35) List of Student Blogs (Names, URL's, Titles of Blog) 

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