14 December 2008

final assignment, final day for LD I (fall 2008)

the dates and times of our final meeting(s) are listed to the left on the sidebar.

what you need to do before your final meeting time:

  • create a final blog post which will serve as your class portfolio. the idea is to present to me (and to any other interested art professional) what you learned in Life Drawing I--how successfully you were able to put Life Drawing I concepts into your drawings.

  • this post should include: 1) 5-6 of your best drawings since your october class summary (self-portrait, at least one skull, and 1-2 other long poses and 2-3 gesture drawings); 2) one or two paragraphs summarizing your experience in Life Drawing I including what two-three most substantial things you learned or at which you improved, citing examples; 3) a description of your experience building muscles on the maniken (photos optional).
  • you will have 5 minutes to present this post during your final exam time.

  • finish building muscles on your maniken--the last set of muscles were the arm/forearm/hand.
  • bring your finished maniken to the final meeting time. i will grade this from the real maniken, but if you'd like to add photos to your blog, you may.

  • draw a self-portrait (18" x 24") using what you learned about the structure of the skull and facial features. draw yourself from a front 3/4 view, using a mirror. construct the drawing with line and line value only, not with shading. your focus should be on planar analysis, anatomical landmarks, cross-contours, and line quality--as well as acute observation of your own particular skull and face.

  • bring your self-portrait to the final meeting time. we will hang these up in order to look at everyone's final drawing of the semester (even though these will be in your blog summary, too).

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